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This is OviPets! Which is a fun facebook game where friend requests aren’t required! It’s really fun to just play. You create and breed beautiful pets that you can share, adopt, sell, and just enjoy.!/?ref=5096233

Hello everyone!

I know I have been meaning to post for a while. Switching majors and trying to complete college has been hindering my attempts to post. But FINALLY! I have some down time to post to the blog! Normally I don’t scroll through, however, a friend on Facebook shared the link with me about Mermaid Victory. She is trying to raise money to buy a new tail because her old one is plain and a little beat up, which hinders her attempts to talk to children and parents about Ocean Conservation Awareness.


Simply Put

A new book I’ve found by a new author. Check out the book and give a review!

Hello everyone!

I have started an e-Bay store that, I hope, takes off. Feel free to take a peek and share the link with your friends. If you’ve been looking for an item, let me know. I may have one to sell but haven’t put it up yet because I want to see how this selling thing goes.

Thank you!


My Latest Game Addiction

This online game, The Star Project, is my latest addiction; and is similar to My Candy Love,if anyone here has played it. I’m on both of these games but The Star Project doesn’t require action points (APs) and only depends on each stars’ energy level. You only start with one person at first and gain characters as you play.

Brief Description of the game:

In The Star Project, you are a manager of stars and are having troubles paying off a debt that you owe to some thugs (trying not to give too much away!). Then this boy comes and saves you from the gangsters and he wants to be a star. In essence, it’s a game that involves making the guy, Toyua, a star! He sighs a contract with you (which you really do write up), and you go to the different cities trying to get jobs. You have part-time jobs that you work at for money, appearances that require less energy and help level up your star, and places that you can go to for dates. Dates can be romantic in nature but also make your star happier and less stressed. The down-time improves the star’s mood, which leads to a higher success rate.

Some of the game features:

  • No Action Points
  • Free
  • Online
  • Multiple Play-throughs
  • Multiple Languages
  • Name the Stars & Your Company
  • Some-what Challenging

**NOTE** My Username on:
                     My Candy Love – VictoriaCurrent
                     The Star Project – Victoria Serapha

Kim Harrison Video Chat!

I don’t know if any one else here, other than myself, are readers of Kim Harrison’s Hallows Series or any of her other series, but there will be a video chat in about 2 weeks. I thought I’d post this to spread the word, even though I usually only post once a day in order to avoid annoying all of you.

I hope that some of you go watch and ask questions. She’s a great author and I highly recommend her books.

For a sample of her writing, visit her site! The link below is leads to an excerpt of the first book in the Hallows Series, Dead Witch Walking.

Dead Witch Walking Excerpt