The Country of Staron

Here is what I’d consider the prologue to The Country of Staron. Thoughts, improvements, and anything else would be welcomed. It’s a Utopian idea that I came up with for class and then it became a story and I wanted a sample for my friend, who is an editor. So, there is the story behind the ‘Writers’ Block!‘ post.

Enjoy. ~ Naiad Rose

The Country of Staron

In the country of Staron, the capital, Leria, surrounded by a pine forest and rivers that separates the land from the rest of the world, leads a utopian theory that has been given the name Aris-Nexis. Taking the Old-World society into an age of peace and equality, the utopia originates from the closely held ideals of hard-work, relaxation, and the want of a deeper understanding on any and all topics.

The life of a civilian in Staron is very simple, as long as they follow the teachings that have been passed down for generations from the higher beings that their ancestors worshipped. Religion is not organized in Leria, leaving each resident the choice of worshipping the beings without a bible. Free worship is encouraged, but the way to pray is not defined. This, leaves the choice up to the Lerian on how to pray, in a way that they see fit.  Commercialized religious groups may form, and are quickly disbanded by the government or removed from Staron. Though the government stays out of many disputes, a religious matter is taken seriously. Organized and commercialized religion is a crime, and only families may pray together and preform religious ceremonies that have been developed in the home.

Marriage in Leria and in other cities varies, but the only marriages available in Staron are: Verse Marriages – renewable marriage after one year, with an appointment being needed to renew the contract after the expiration date or occurs on the date – and Epoch Marriages, which are long term and non-dissolvable under normal circumstances. VMs (Verse Marriage) can be done as early as seventeen years of age, and have government support financially in order to lend experience to the younger generation. Verse Marriages are encouraged  by the government because of the learning opportunity. At the age of twenty, a Verse Marriage may be rectified to a Epoch Marriage (EM). A child that is born during a VM will be rectified by the government into a EM in order to keep the parents together to take care of the baby. VMs or EMs between men or between women are not frowned upon, they are embraced and acknowledged with respect because their values allow others to learn about different views and gain deeper understanding of different relationship dynamics.

Throughout the country, a typical day starts with working at the division building or center that a resident labors at. The Trade of Business is the only job title available in Staron, this means that every job generates business through a system of divisions and sub-classes; the divisions of the job title include: History of Business, Art of Business, Business Management, and other areas in life. There are mandatory job hours that everyone must put in. No more, no less. This system was put in place to keep order, give equal pay amounts, and fair pay to all people in Staron. Pay is the same for every worker in a division. An example of this would be a Lerian who works in the Historical division, would be paid the same amount as someone else in this area; a person in the Art section may be paid higher or lower, but everyone is paid the same in this field. Women are able to create organizations that are in the Liberal Arts field of the title, men are as well but this is a less common occurrence. There are equal rights and equal division opportunities for female workers.

After the work day is complete, eight hours of work that starts from seven-thirty in the morning to four-thirty in the afternoon, the workers are able to return home and proceed with their own business, or go out to shows. The entertainment available ranges from plays, operas, and concerts to parties, clubs, and formal balls. These are all forms of relaxation that are beneficial to the mind and/or body. Another option, that is most commonly done in Staron, is visiting the Colleges. Colleges offer extra learning opportunities, arguments, debates, socratic seminars, and a variety of resources that allow the expansion of the mind. The main value of the Colleges is their libraries, which contain volumes from different parts of the world and other cultures. These are all the events and places that the average civilian will visit and take part in on a regular basis.

The schools in Staron start teaching the Trade of Business as early as elementary school (grades one to five). This is to give a base understanding of the job title from an early age, and to allow the student a variety of learning experiences in various divisions before settling on one by the age of sixteen. Once a student has chosen one to three divisions that is the most interesting and suits their talents, they are sent to a specialized Division University that fine tunes what they have already learned about that topic. The University endeavors to expand the students’ understanding of the division and prepare them for certain office in a that area’s business. Should a student change their mind on a division, they are sent to the next area that most suits their talents and are most advanced in.

Staron has multiple forms of government, the Lord (Lady) of Staron who listens and watches outside conflicts and then reports it to the population, and the state and city governments. The state governments give out the mass voting for the state laws and regulations, but only manages crime, while the city governments have the people vote and share what the civilians want with the state and Lord. All the cities and states pass decisions to be given to the Lord, who then either passes it, taking the average person into account, or refuses to pass the law because it only benefits a certain group, such as city leaders. For example, the people are in favor of a law that grants children more recess, but the state and city leaders disagree because this would take children out of classes. There are enough votes to bring it to the Lord in the city and state legislatures. The People’s vote outweighs the states and cities, and is taken more into account because the law will effect the population. The vote of the residents ultimately decides what laws are passed and which are ill-advised. Overall, the federal government does not interfere in the lifestyle that Staron’s residents lead.

An Aris-Nexian society is what this country has developed into and the people welcome those who wish to join the utopia that has been founded. The only conditions are that a newcomer must take is a vow to follow all laws and remain in the society in order to preserve the order that has been gained. Leria awaits, do your values match those of the Lerians in the capital and the ideals of the Aris-Nexis theory? If so, then you are welcomed into the hard-working, laid back, and well learned country that is Staron. Welcome to Staron…

What are your thoughts?

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