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Tattoos and Questions

What type of tattoo would you get and why would you get it? Would it have a special meaning or would it just be something that you really enjoy and want to remember forever?

Those are the questions that people who are looking into tattoos usually ask because it is difficult to remove, a painful process to get it, and it is pretty much a permanent addition to your body.

Lyrics to a Song: Skeleton Key (In Progress)

These lyrics were written by a blossoming artist who is just getting started. She hasn’t written much but these are the lyrics to the first song that she is doing right now. What are your thoughts and what instrument would you have with them?


Skeleton Key
By: Rosalia

“Everywhere I go,

and everything I see,

you’re always there with me.

You’re my skeleton key,

so why can’t I be yours?”




With the rain comes cleansing,

Cleansing brings a fresh start.

A fresh start brings peace.


Peace of Mind.

Peace to the Heart.

Tranquility to the Soul.


Rejoice! Rejoice!

A Riddle for You

Let me be the answer to your frail truth, let me take your hand and become peace, let me summon you peacefully, with a startling rise, let me take care of you in any form of mine. I am used by many, and used by none, yet ready to serve the old and the young. Meloncholy suits me, and nothing can erode me, as we all are to eventually become one. What am I?

Answer: Death

**The number of question marks is the number of letters in the answer.**

A Flag, a Song, of Disposition

My disposition is happy and fantastically filled with magic an theories of supernatural worlds; however, darkness lies beneath my flag. The knowing of not every piece of this world is all rainbows and butterflies.
I sing with my soul to convey my flag.
I dance with my whole heart to show my emotions and my worlds of the unknown in my movements.
I spin, toss, and twirl my saber, Fenris, with the passion I conceal. Giving my strength and elegance a form.
My whole body, my worth, my entire being is given to all I do.
My flag is myself.
What you see from me may only be parts of my disposition, the flag in my soul that I raise up as I shout, but at a karaoke bar, a wedding, a dance, a musical event this symbol of “me” shines. My soul glows within an I show myself.
That is my song, my flag, and my disposition. My song of my life and my Front doors message to every world and person.