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Finals Week: The Pre-Winter Break Blizzard

For me, finals week has arrived like a freaking blizzard that you know is coming but you forgot to go and buy supplies for. I’ve been having to work on project after project but the thing is, the end of the semester is close at hand… then break will arrive!

I thought I’d share 5 of my tips for how I survive the Finals Blizzard. May the knowledge you hold and your memory help you through this finals season. Good luck and I hope my tips help you out! Read the rest of this entry

Simply Put

A new book I’ve found by a new author. Check out the book and give a review!

Hello everyone!

I have started an e-Bay store that, I hope, takes off. Feel free to take a peek and share the link with your friends. If you’ve been looking for an item, let me know. I may have one to sell but haven’t put it up yet because I want to see how this selling thing goes.

Thank you!


Thoughts On Brave New World

I’m reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley for my AP Literature and Composition class, and at this point in time, it’s very upsetting. Training children to hate books?! The horror! I also find myself comparing it to the caste system, since they have Alphas and such, of the Dwarves in Dragon Age, and I know that’s silly but that’s how I see it. Especially when there was a mention of dwarves. I am finding it interesting but I’m not sure if I’m going to like the book if this continues the way it is.

Now I must know, does it get better or worse? That’s all I need to know, because I need a little push to continue the book and actually know what I’m reading with some hope that it won’t end too horribly.
~ Naiad Rose

Writers’ Block!


My writers’ block for The Country of Staron went away and I was able to type up the prologue. Go here to read it.

~Naiad Rose


So I’m writing two stories, one is called Once Upon a Day and the other is called The Country of Staron. I have writers block for both, which really sucks since the sample for The Country of Staron is due tomorrow at noon. I’m having trouble with Kale, I don’t know what he does next!

Here is a little sample from Once Upon a Day

Kale Stavrous had just gotten off the phone with Nico Perrin. Nico had called requesting that he watch over a friend for a few days who was in mortal danger. Kale had been about to tell Nico no, but Nico had said that she had no where else to go for protection. Kale couldn’t let the woman that Nico wanted protected unguarded, especially since he had called sounding scared and worried for the mystery woman that had Nico playing fetch. Along with his ingrained need to protect, Kale had been unable to say no and to turn them away.

That and if she got hurt or killed Kale would have gone on the biggest guilt trip of his very long life because there’d been a chance that he could protect her, but he had been “busy”. Yeah, right bored out of your mind counts as busy, Kale thought and then he would have been trying to make it up to Nico, who may or may not have forgiven him. Though Kale knew he would never be able to make it up to Nico should the woman die, the death of a person could never be atoned for. Kale had learned that much from his father, before he’d killed him.

Kale had asked Nico the situation and as he explained it Kale had felt sick to his stomach, not an easy thing when you no longer had to worry about eating. Nico had told him that the woman, Aysel Erimentha, was in danger of being killed and he thought the killer wanted her power. Nico had explained that she had come from a family of a Switches, but had only gotten the powers of a less than extraordinary witch. According to Nico, and other various contacts of Kale’s,  Aysel was stronger then a “normal” witch because of her heritage. Following that statement was a fevered request not to tell Aysel how they’d met.

“That would just make her worry about me, and be terrified of you.” Kale had no doubt in his mind that Aysel would run screaming in the other direction if she found out about how he and the werewolf had been forced to ally or die. A quick glance at the standing grandfather clock told Kale that the two would be arriving soon. “I better prepare a room for her. Hopefully we’ll be here long enough for her to use it.”

❈      ❈     ❈

Aysel woke with a jolt as Nico hit a bump in the road. Looking out the window once more, Aysel found that they were on a deserted dirt road surrounded by a heavily wooded forest.

“Where are we?” Aysel asked, turing in her seat to look at Nico.

“We’re almost to Kale’s place. It’s just a little farther.”

“Kale? Is that the name of your vampire friend?” Aysel said as she covered a yawn. “Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?”

Nico looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “If you hadn’t noticed Aysel, you were a bit hysterical.”

“Sorry.” Now that she was well rested Aysel did feel like crying over Acelynn’s death,  but she still wasn’t as upset as she should have been. Getting some sleep had helped clear her head as to what was happening, too. A killer is after me, Aysel thought, I’m going to have to accept that and to just avoid him until he’s no longer a threat. Which will be easier said than done, if the movies are anything to go by. Turning to look out the window again, Aysel saw that they were pulling up into what could be classified as a fortress.

The gates were electrified, if the crackling against her magical senses was anything to go by, and there were probably other traps laying about that couldn’t be seen. Vampires, Aysel knew, were very protective of their residences. As the car rolled to a stop, Aysel opened her door and got out, to find herself at a mansion that should have been on the cover of a mansions magazine.

Nico quickly grabbed her by the arm, ushering her to the oak door with stained glass windows. I’m going to need a stiff drink after all this, Aysel thought gloomily as she reached for the chain that looked like it was the door bell, and pulled it down. A chiming rang through the house; before the last of the sound faded away, the door began to open on well-oiled hinges. When the door fully opened,  Aysel found herself staring at a muscled chest covered in a black t-shirt with the logo for the movie Vampires Suck on it.

Aysel quickly looked up when a Australian accented voice asked, “So you’re Aysel. The one I’m supposed to baby sit?”

Here is the little bit I have for The Country of Staron:

In the country of Staron, the capital, Leria, surrounded by a pine forest and rivers that separates the land from the rest of the world, leads a utopian society by the name of Aris-Nexis . Taking the Old-World society into an age of peace and equality that originates from the closely held ideals of relaxation, hard-work, and the want of a deeper understanding on any and all topics.

Any ideas as to how to continue either would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! ~ Naiad Rose