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Updated! Dragon Age Origins – Circle of Magi Quest – The Fade Walkthrough

I’ve recently edited this walkthrough since it was published in September 2013. I was playing recently and noticed that I was missing some of the fonts! Here are the recent edits:

  • All directions were made clearer, and 2 font locations were moved to the appropriate areas.
  • The Templar’s Nightmare added with font discoveries.
  • A font was added to the Darkspawn Invasion area.
  • A font was added to the Burning Tower Area.
  • The Mages Asunder fonts now have better directions.
  • The Mages Asunder fonts are completely listed and 2 have been added.
  • Niall or the Raw Fade area was made clearer and moved.
  • Ordered the Walkthrough by the areas that should be completed first for the quickest completion for this part of the quest.
  • The total number of fonts that can be found is placed in “Tips.”

Here is a walkthrough for those Dragon Age Origins players who need a head getting through the Fade quest in the Circle. Hopefully, this helps!

The Circle of Magi Quest: The Fade’s Essecnes (Fonts) Walkthrough

By: Naiad-Rose (

NOTE!: This walkthrough is only for finding all of the fonts in the Fade during the Mages’ Tower quest and to quickly get you through the quest without running around in circles. There are NO TIPS to beat bosses.


  1. I recommend gaining all of the forms first before looking for fonts. It may be slower, but then you won’t be running everywhere to obtain a missed form.
  2. The Darkspawn Invasion and Burning Tower can be done interchangeably. To save time, do the Burning Tower First to gain the Burning Man Form. 
  3. Go to the PARTY MEMBERS LAST! This may not seem like a big deal, but helping party members last will ensure that you’ve gotten all of the fonts.
  4. Don’t collect the forms out of order, you’ll spend more time than you want here if you do that. If you want to finish quickly, just follow the numbers!
  5. ONLY BOSS TIP I WILL GIVE!: On the last boss, use your forms to kill him. The enemies that hurt you the most will have the same effect on the boss when he changes into other forms.
  6. If you think you missed a font, there are a total of 22 fonts in the Fade.

I’m going to tell you the fonts by the areas they are in and in the order that I recommend them being completed in. You DO NOT have to collect the fonts in this order!

  • Your Dream/Start: There is only 1 Font here.
    • Doesn’t it suck that you had to kill Duncan? This is only one Font here, but it will require the SPIRIT FORM. It is the only font at the very beginning, it will be on the right side of the chamber from where you entered when you began your quest in the Fade. You’ll need to use Spirit Form to use it.


  • Dark Invasion: There are 3 fonts here.
  1. One will be behind the “massive door” near the entrance. By “entrance,” I mean before you save the Templar, once you save the Templar you will have to run back to get it. Use the Golem Form to break down the door and reach the font.
  2. There is a mouse hole in the room where the fade pedestal is when you began. Use the Mouse Form. In the next area, it will look somewhat like a “T.”  Go straight and use the mousehole at the end. There will be a font. Then, leave the way you entered and take a right to use another mousehole. This mousehole will shortcut you halfway through the maze to just before the room you found the Templar in.
  3. There will also be a font in the room where you saved the Templar. You’ll need to use Spirit Form to get it and it will be behind a pillar.


  • Burning Tower: There are 5 fonts here.You may have to hunt, and I’m sorry about that, but the Maze Area is tough to give directions in with all the fire.
  1. There is a mouse hole by a pedestal at the beginning room. Use it, and there will be a Font of Cunning in it. You shouldn’t need any other form other than the Mouse to gain this font.
  2. Before using the stairs to enter the Maze area, there is a “massive door” to the left of the stairs, or straight ahead depending on how you entered the room. Break the door down as the Golem Form. It should look like a library, and inside on the right side of the room there will be a font of magic. Leave the room and use the stairs to go to the Maze area.
  3. In the Maze area, go straight ahead from where you entered the first time. Use the Burning Man Form to get through the flames and take the most direct path to the door. You should be able to spot it. It’s a spirit door at the end of the corridor. Use the Spirit Form to enter here. There will be 2 fonts.
  4. The last font in the Burning Tower is at the end. It will be with the demon of the realm, Rhagos, or at the end of the dream. It is a Font of Strength and on the right side of the room when you enter.
  • Mages Asunder: There are 8 Fonts here.
  1. The very first mouse hole, at the beginning, has a Font of Strength in it. There may be an enemy in here if you haven’t killed it yet.
  2. The second font will be a Font of Magic and is in the second room down the hall. There will be two mages in this room who will probably try to kill you. The font should look like a pile of books, and you’ll need Spirit Form to use it.
  3. Return to the room where you saved the dreamer here and move towards the quest. There will be a “massive door” that you’ll need to break down with the Golem Form. This is the start of the Maze for this dream. Go straight and take the first right. There will be 2 golems and a priest in the room, in addition to a font. Kill the enemies and then use Font of Willpower.
  4. From the room above, make a right and then a left. Kill the Golem in your path and then continue past the “massive door” that will be on the right. At the end of the hall is a door. Behind the door are 3 Golems. Be fully healed before going through this door!  In the back right corner of the room is a Font of Strength.
  5. After you’re done with the two rooms mentioned above, go back the way you came to the massive door you passed earlier. There are 2 arcane horrors (if you haven’t killed them yet) and a spirit door behind it. Use the Spirit form to enter the door. There will be a single Golem in the room in addition to a font. Stay in this room.
  6. In the same room you killed a Golem and gained a font by using a Spirit door, there is a mouse hole. Use the Mouse Form to enter the hole and be ready to fight 2 more Golems. After killing the 2 Golems, use the font of cunning on the right side of the room from where you entered via Mousehole. Then, break down the “massive door” in the same room.
  7. After you break down the “massive door,” there will be two fonts. One of constitution and the other of dexterity. Use these fonts and then head back through the mousehole and spirit door. These are the final fonts for this dream.


  • Niall or the Raw Fade: There are 2 fonts here.
  1. Go through the portal that is to Niall’s RIGHT. There may be one Rage Abomination here, just kill it and then move on to the next portal. After going through the second portal, go down the long “corridor”  until there is a spirit door on the right side, it shouldn’t be too far from the beginning. You’ll need to use Spirit Form to go through; it will not be the spirit door in front of Niall, behind you if you’re talking to him. You’ll know you’re in the correct area by here being a ship in the middle of the room. The little balls of energy will try to kill you. This will tell you that you are in the right spot. This is the only area like this in the Fade.
  2. If you think you went through the door in front of Niall, there will be 3 demons; one of these demons will be Yuvana, who is the purple demon and is partially naked. After slaying her, grab the only font here. It will be a font of willpower and will be to the right side of this room, and you’ll need to use the Spirit Form. This door will open the portal to the final boss and only unlocks after helping your party members
  • The Templar’s Nightmare: There are 2 fonts here.
  1. The first font will be through the door away from the Fade portal next to the Fade pedestal in the room you start in. Go through the door and enter the first room on the left, there will be 3 abominations in here. Kill them and then use the Mouse Form to use the mousehole at the end of the room. There will be a blightwolf as soon as you exit the mousehole. Kill it and then get the font of Dexterity.
  2. At the end of the dream, where you fight this dream’s demon Vereveel, there will be a font on the left side of the room from where you entered. It will be a font of cunning.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now collected all the fonts.


Green: Fonts here Numbers: Go in this order Symbols: Form Gained Orange: Party Member Blue: Paths Arrows: Way that you can go on paths (Both ways on all)

**** The rat = rat, Ghost = spirit, Burning head = burning man, Symbol = Golem ******