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Name her!

What would you name this girl, and where would she be going dressed as she is?


Amnesia Fan Art

This is what I’ve been working on while I’ve been away.


Amnesia Fan Art

Amnesia is an anime that I have watched and is similar to Amnesia: Dark Descent (game). To watch the anime click the link below.

Amnesia Episode 1

I’d like any comments on the drawing and would love to commission one for anybody who is interested. I’ll need to know a basic idea of what you would like (pictures similar to what you’d like) and then I can get started. Just comment below. 🙂

Thank you!

A Song Poll

What is your favorite/first song you remember hearing in a commercial?


Door Mouse: Well I remember the White Rabbit saying that I answered with “Lost” the first time I was asked. However, the March Hare says that I said “Party Rock Anthem” was what I said. I’m so confused T^T

Just to Spread Cheer

I’ve been feeling sick the past couple of days, which is why there haven’t been new posts, and I thought I’d post this to amuse you all. If you like Black Butler, you will be extremely confused. Sorry if you’ve seen the video before on YouTube in your own spare time! (Sorry for any cussing/profanity in the video, I didn’t make it.)

Long Week

This week has felt incredibly long! So much to do and so little time has seemed to be the saying of my life the past couple days. Homework, work, and writing are all I’ve done and I’m begging for a brain break. Who else has had a week like this?Image

My Latest Game Addiction

This online game, The Star Project, is my latest addiction; and is similar to My Candy Love,if anyone here has played it. I’m on both of these games but The Star Project doesn’t require action points (APs) and only depends on each stars’ energy level. You only start with one person at first and gain characters as you play.

Brief Description of the game:

In The Star Project, you are a manager of stars and are having troubles paying off a debt that you owe to some thugs (trying not to give too much away!). Then this boy comes and saves you from the gangsters and he wants to be a star. In essence, it’s a game that involves making the guy, Toyua, a star! He sighs a contract with you (which you really do write up), and you go to the different cities trying to get jobs. You have part-time jobs that you work at for money, appearances that require less energy and help level up your star, and places that you can go to for dates. Dates can be romantic in nature but also make your star happier and less stressed. The down-time improves the star’s mood, which leads to a higher success rate.

Some of the game features:

  • No Action Points
  • Free
  • Online
  • Multiple Play-throughs
  • Multiple Languages
  • Name the Stars & Your Company
  • Some-what Challenging

**NOTE** My Username on:
                     My Candy Love – VictoriaCurrent
                     The Star Project – Victoria Serapha