Here is where all my drawings URLs will be posted. I will attempt to post them from most recent to less recent. Please give me your feed back and suggestions as to what I should work on improving, in a comment on the Facebook page since there are some difficulties with having a posting format similar to Floating Petals.

If you have any ideas for a drawing, (this can be similar to a commission but I will NOT allow you to have the image unless you have requested permission for it), please feel free to go here to post your idea.

Picture Submissions should be posted here.

I look forward to reading your comments and posting your works (should you send me any haha).

After a few weeks, I will be forced to remove old content in order to post the newer images. If there is an image that you heard about and must see, I will see about starting another blog with the old stuff.

Here is the Post that tells about the Page: New Drawings Page

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. The web address to my first sketch on this page! Whoo! Just copy and paste the url if you want to remain on this page. I’ll try to fix that so it opens in a new tab.

  2. You can find it on the Facebook page, along with the others.

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