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Tattoos and Questions

What type of tattoo would you get and why would you get it? Would it have a special meaning or would it just be something that you really enjoy and want to remember forever?

Those are the questions that people who are looking into tattoos usually ask because it is difficult to remove, a painful process to get it, and it is pretty much a permanent addition to your body.

A Riddle for You

Let me be the answer to your frail truth, let me take your hand and become peace, let me summon you peacefully, with a startling rise, let me take care of you in any form of mine. I am used by many, and used by none, yet ready to serve the old and the young. Meloncholy suits me, and nothing can erode me, as we all are to eventually become one. What am I?

Answer: Death

**The number of question marks is the number of letters in the answer.**


I have a phobia of shots, and I don’t know how I ended up with this fear of injections. So the definition of a phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Out of curiosity I looked up the term for mine. Trypanophobia, is the fear involving injections of hypodermic needles and is rarely used; while aichmophobiabelonephobia, or enetophobia are other terms for it. However, the last three terms are more directed toward the fear of sharp objects in general.

Believe And You’ll Find Magic

What kind of magic do you expect to find?



Writing or…?

Writing or...?

What is the first thing you think of when you read the saying? My first thought was: This describes authors, thinkers, and artists around the world.

A Song Poll

What is your favorite/first song you remember hearing in a commercial?


Door Mouse: Well I remember the White Rabbit saying that I answered with “Lost” the first time I was asked. However, the March Hare says that I said “Party Rock Anthem” was what I said. I’m so confused T^T