Finals Week: The Pre-Winter Break Blizzard

For me, finals week has arrived like a freaking blizzard that you know is coming but you forgot to go and buy supplies for. I’ve been having to work on project after project but the thing is, the end of the semester is close at hand… then break will arrive!

I thought I’d share 5 of my tips for how I survive the Finals Blizzard. May the knowledge you hold and your memory help you through this finals season. Good luck and I hope my tips help you out!

Tip #1: TAKE A BREAK!!! 

I know it seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people forget to stop and just let their mind rest. It helps me a great deal to just relax, either by watching a movie or just taking a short 20 minute nap. Stretch, go for a walk, or just talk to a friend for a short time (you’ll help them too!). Whatever you do, just stop the school work for 30 minutes to an hour, then go back to it. You’ll feel refreshed (even though going back may be hard at first), the work you’re doing will have better quality. Taking a break makes the projects and exams much easier to complete, even when the deadline feels like a train charging at you. The break will help the exam and projects come together and be successful. I promise!

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

This tip right here is probably the hardest thing for me to do when it comes to school work. Mostly because I feel stupid when I have to ask for help, even when the saying “no question is a stupid question” exists. Asking for help, even just from a good friend who knows nothing about what you’re doing, may help you figure out what is wrong with the paper/question/project. You can even just ask someone in the library! For me, the presentation I have to complete needs to be 3 minutes long. SO, I asked a friend to watch me practice and then ask me questions or tell me parts they didn’t like or didn’t understand. It helped the project, and I was able to practice.

Tip #3: Balance Sleep and Drinking Coffee

I’m sure every college student knows about the joys of coffee or energy drinks. I’m also sure everyone knows that getting a goodnight’s sleep is also important to good health and success. The two being used together to succeed is the best. I use coffee in the morning (as most people do), but I try not to overdo it. Of course, drinking coffee to complete a paper in a night helps, but sleeping so you make the early morning final is important too. I’ve decided to share this tip because I think everyone needs to find the balance between drinking coffee to succeed and pass a test, but that sleep is also needed. You can’t just caffeinate-up  for finals week and then pass out afterwards. You’ll regret it. Again, this is probably obvious to do, but sometimes you don’t really think about it until someone brings it up.

Tip #4: Finals are just Tests!

Everyone usually makes such a big deal out of finals week. Heck, I’m doing it now by creating this post! However, I think this needs to be said for the anxious and test-stressors like myself.


They’re the same as every other test you’ve taken over the semester. The school just messes up the schedule and the teachers may count the test for more credit. Prepare as you normally would and breathe. You know the material and you can do it!

Here’s a little potato that says you got this!

Tip #5: You are not your grade!

I don’t think this is said often enough in the USA, but you’re not your grade. You’re not your GPA either. If you fail a test that just means that subject isn’t for you. Maybe you had other things going on that hindered your progress. Don’t sweat the grades too much. If you truly think the grade is important or that you should have done better, talk to the professor/teacher or your adviser/counselor. There is more than a good chance that they can help you with your grade (even when the semester is over).

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I'm a college student, a writer, a singer, a reader, a thinker, an artist, and a person who has an active imagination. While also being a dancer and cosplayer when I have the chance! I'm working towards becoming an Anthropologist and I have become a herbalist. I am planning to open an apothecary called "Mermaid's Forest Apothecary." Feel free to contact me at the Blue Roses & Ocean Songs Facebook Page.

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