Hello everyone!

I know I have been meaning to post for a while. Switching majors and trying to complete college has been hindering my attempts to post. But FINALLY! I have some down time to post to the blog! Normally I don’t scroll through gofundme.com, however, a friend on Facebook shared the link with me about Mermaid Victory. She is trying to raise money to buy a new tail because her old one is plain and a little beat up, which hinders her attempts to talk to children and parents about Ocean Conservation Awareness.

From my understanding, she dislikes advertising herself as an ocean conservation speaker, and would rather have kids approach her. This is why she is asking for donations towards a new tail, for when little kids come up to her and go “why are you swimming in the pool?” Where she then tells them about the condition of the ocean in a simplified way and how they could help her feel welcome in the salty sea again!

Take a look at her gofundme.com page and decide for yourself if her cause is worth your hard-earned money! I’ll be embedding a link to her page on the dash (if I’m allowed to). If not follow the link below. I have also added the poster that she sent to me that she occasionally carries with her when she visits the pools.

www.gofundme.com/mermaid-oceanOcean Conservation


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