Mermaids are… Real?

In Florida, there is a man named Eric Ducharme who is the Mertailor. A mertailor is a tailor of mermaid tails (he makes mermaid tails out of silicone and spandex). These mermaid tails have been around the world and worn by famous actors, singers, and seen on TV! If you want to read more about the man behind the tail click here, it’ll take you to his bio page.

THE Mertailor

This is Eric in one of his tails.

This is great new for everyone who has ever wanted to be a mermaid. You can purchase the tails on his website,, and have them custom made to fit you. He has different types of tails that have a price range of a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand (up to $4,000 I think, but that is for the best one). Check the video out to see these tails in action!

Video credit:

Image Credit: Chris Crumley


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