The Sailing Rocks of Death Valley

All over the earth there are many geographical and historical landmarks that baffle us. Such as Stone Henge, which we still don’t understand how it was built all those thousands of years ago, or the Great Pyramids. We have ideas of how they were built but there’s not one theory that has come out on top and crushed the otherse. As for geographical landmarks, Death Valley’s sailing rocks have been difficult to figure out. No one has seen them move, but they do since their trails are the only things that show us.

As of August 27, 2014, however, 3 people have solved the mystery of the Sailing Rocks.  

The answer isn’t very exciting, but it’s water and thin ice sheets that move the rocks across the a flooded playa (an area of flat, dried up land) and then the rocks proceed to “surf” across the top of the fluffly mud with the help of some wind. This theory had been thought about, but it was always with thick ice sheets. This is suprirsing to most scientists who have been looking into the sailing rocks for years. The help of GPS Tracking and a time-lapse done with photographs, people have gotten to see the Sailing Rocks sail for the first time. Click the image below for the video:

Death Valley’s Sailing Stones: Seen in Action!


While many theories had already narrowed down the factors of the Sailing Stones, this confirms that. The leading researchers in this article think that there may be a Goldilocks zone for creating this incredible feat, and the ponds that are needed for it are vanishing in Death Valley.

If you’d like to read the Original article, click the link below:

Mystery of Death Valley’s Moving Rocks Solved!

To see the blog, click this link:  BLOG: Waiting for Death Valley’s Next Big Bang


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