A Night of Fun

Going to the Karaoke Bar on a Saturday and hanging out with friends is always fun. Tonight though, there was also dancing! How can the night not be enjoyable when I’m the one standing up as “Starships” is being sung and everyone is dancing in their chairs? The answer: It is impossible for it to NOT be fun. What made the night better, was me walking around and pulling people up from their chair to dance. Karaoke Night became a dancing night as well, and was probably in the top ten moments of my life (at this point in time haha). The night ended on a high note, and everyone had tons of fun.

Hopefully they found it amazing and a moment to remember. 🙂

Here’s a link to see what happened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YU03Lw7HKI&feature=youtu.be

(Sorry about the quality, but it was taken on a cell phone. Thank you to The Dark Prince for the video!)

The life you live is one you shouldn’t be regretful of. ~ Unknown


About VictoryRose

I'm a college student, a writer, a singer, a reader, a thinker, an artist, and a person who has an active imagination. While also being a dancer and cosplayer when I have the chance! I'm working towards becoming an Anthropologist and I have become a herbalist. I am planning to open an apothecary called "Mermaid's Forest Apothecary." Feel free to contact me at the Blue Roses & Ocean Songs Facebook Page.

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  1. The Dark Prince

    I absolutely loved it, a fantastic start to the midnight awaiting.

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